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Donation Information
« on: December 07, 2017, 06:31:40 PM »
Donation Information
If you've donated to BO3, first of all, thank you.
You are helping to keep our server running. 100% of donations goes towards paying for server and website hosting.
Nobody is making any money off any of this.

Donor level 1
Access to /dheal /dcar /dnos and /dammo not forgeting extra score per kill, 15 second capture time and also you spawn with free armour!

Donor Level 2
Access to All level 1 commands and also : /dbike, /dweaps, /dskin , /dtime , /dweather and you can pick the OP Donor class and destroy all your enemies.

Donor Level 3
Access to All level 1 & 2 commands and also: /dboost (give RPG around) /fr /dfix /dboat

Donate link bellow!

If you have any problems donating feel free to send a PM to the Owner

Donater/Perks prices & features:

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