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Mods Center Rules
« on: December 07, 2017, 06:15:17 PM »
1. If someone asks you to upload a screenshot from him, don't do it.
2. Your screenshot must be virus free and malware free and legal.
3. You must provide enough information.
4. Direct Download must be available.
5. Don't post mods or tools that give you an advantage.

Skin mods
You can use skin texture and model mods, unless it gives you an unfair advantage, like making your character taller or thinner than it really is.

Weapon skins/mods
You can use weapon texture and model mods. But, not those weapon mods that gives you advantages on other players.

Vehicle skins/mods

You can use vehicle texture and model mods. But not the ones which turn your car into a Hydra or turns your vehicle into a big tanker.


You can use HUD mods, since it doesn't gives you an unfair advantage. Name tag, wall hacks and related will result in a ban.

Animation mods
You can't use animation mods such as parkour mod. The use of animation mods may result in a ban.

Graphic and texture mods
You can use graphic and texture mods, since it doesn't gives you an unfair advantage.

Hack Tools/Illegal cleo mods
You are not allowed to use hacks or illegal cleo mods at all. The use of this will result in a permanent ban.
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